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We’re pet lovers’ and lovers’ of nature. Every walk with your pet is a uniquely tailored experience based on their needs.

Chel giving our 3 month old Australian Shepherd a taste of many hikes to come. This could be your dog in our pup-pack!

Why Choose Us

Trusted & Compassionate professionals

With medical backgrounds in oncology, we’re the accountable and caring dog walkers you’ve been waiting for.

Our unique approach to pet care puts your pets needs first, resulting in tailored activities and undivided attention towards them.

Eamon training a Siberian Husky how to heel (this dog can now trail run at his side at 2.5 miles per hour!)

Miles Hiked

Our Philosophy

A Passion For Local Dog Walks

Dogs have often been described as “man’s best friend”, but for many, they’re much more than that: they’re an integral part of the the family.

Like humans, animals have their own unique wants, needs, and idiosyncrasies. Some breeds require more exercise than others to remain healthy and relaxed around the home.

At Eastside Dog Walking, we look at the “whole dog” and work with clients to enable their dog to be the obedient and healthy member of the family that they want them to be.


What clients says about us

At Eastside Dogwalking, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for your pets. We’re adaptive to your needs, and our feedback speaks to this agility.

“Eamon really tired Ty out, and that’s saying something! Very communicative and easy to work with.”

“I needed a caring local dogwalker near me in Redmond. Eamon has exceeded my expectations.”

“Eamon is such a help! He was nice and very patient with my naughty doggie. Gave us good suggestions on training our dog. Will book again.”

Our Highlighted Services

Prices For Our Services

We’ve highlighted several services in high demand below:


Solo Hour runs &
Puppy Walking

We offer hour runs, jogs, and nature walks with your pup. These dog walks are dynamic and adapted for your pet’s needs. We offer puppy walking (+$5/hr) which includes leash training & reactivity training. We discretely pick-up your pet while you’re at work via hidden spare key, code or: we can simply knock on your door. We conclude each visit with photos/video of your walk/run and a mileage screenshot if we’re running!

  • Up to 2-3 miles an hour!
  • Stop dog pulling on leash
  • puppy reinforcement training so they poop outside faster
  • teach sidewalk, parking lot safety & heel on curb
$40/half hour

Drop-in Visit (Redmond)

We offer drop-in dog visits around the Redmond area. All visits include play, light training, a walk, and feeding. We can administer medications with clear instructions. Extended drop-in visits can include many activities including a longer walk and leash training in a 1-on-1 stimulating environment. All walks will include a dog walking through the best local dog walking parks and greenspaces in Redmond, WA

  • Quick walk
  • Reinforcement training
  • Behavior training
  • Play time
  • Feeding & Treats of Your Choice


Saturday Dog Hike

Your pup will join us on a custom weekend hiking trip which will be planned to the fitness level and needs of your dog. Each hike starts at 3 hours, and you can add 3 or 5 hour increments as addons during online scheduling.. Your pup must fit into a 45-55 pound emergency sling, or my 25 pound dog backpack. We’ll also take some great photos of your dog that you can put on social media or share with your family.

  • 5-6 Hour Hike
  • Plenty of Water
  • Trained & Equipped Medical Professionals
  • Great Pictures of your dog
  • Dog Report Card

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