Who’s the top dog walking company near me?

If you’re asking yourself where you can find the best puppy walkers in East Puget Sound (around the Redmond & Bellevue area), then you’re in the right place!

Finding the best dog local walking service depends on a few factors: your goals & your pets individual needs.

We believe that the first step in finding the perfect dog walking company for you and your pup is asking yourself two hypothetical questions: what do you want from a dog walker, and what does your dog need?

Common Goals And Considerations:

  • Distance of the walker from your home (we’re based in Redmond)
  • Quality – are my dogs getting the quality of care they need?
  • Quantity of Exercise – is this walker going to have time to exercise my dog?
  • Safety – are my dogs in the right hands?
  • Company – does the company reflect my values?
  • Value – given the above considerations: am I getting the best value for me & my dog?

Off-Leash, Private, or Pack Walks. Which one?

This post will dig into the advantages and disadvantages of off-leash dog park style walks vs private 1-on-1 dog walking, and pack-walks (walks with multiple dogs). Choosing the correct outlet for your dog is incredibly important, as each pup is different and their needs are not all the same.

Arya is just a puppy and our hour long walks around the Microsoft campus park have helped her find other outlets for her energy. She doesn’t pull on the leash anymore!
Ty has endless energy, he doesn’t interact well with other dogs, and since his owner is in an apartment: he really needs an hour of guided exercise. He runs me over 2.5 miles in an hour!
Oak is just a baby and he needs a lift sometimes during our longer weekend hikes!

Best Off-Leash Dog Park Walking Company

Off leash dog walking companies are specialized to bring up to 10+ dogs to large off-leash dog parks like Marymoor Park. This can be great for socialization, however: your mileage may vary on actual exercise. Some working dogs will absolutely love this environment because they’ll instinctively “herd” other dogs, entertaining themselves and running around for hours if you let them! Other dogs (even larger breeds) may simply “chill” in the park and effectively socialize for the hour. It’s important to know how your dog would behave in this environment before pulling the trigger. Many services that operate off-leash style dog-park activities will have a strict vetting process to ensure that your dog is safe in a low supervision and highly stimulating environment. This isn’t trivial, and many dogs will need to be eased into this type of activity.

This type of business also requires a large Sprinter van(s) for multi-dog transport, costly vehicle bonding insurance and plenty of human capital to run and operate. We’re not specialized in this area, and our focus is on individualized pet care.

What’s important to you: extreme socialization, or focused one-on-one exercise with your dog?

If you have a well tempered dog who needs socialization with other dogs, consider pack walks or off leash dog walking. If you have an active dog who needs focused exercise, then private dog walking may be for you.

Local Dog Walking Business Spotlight:

Strut The Pup

Strut the pup is a dog walking company that offers “off leash adventures” and dog walking in Seattle. This is great for dogs who would benefit from extreme group socialization, or working breeds that’ll run for the hour.

Meet The Top Private Puppy Walkers

Eastside Dog Walking is a preferred pick for pups that would benefit from our undivided attention. When it comes to puppy walking, we believe that we can train positive behaviors quicker vs group walks: while limiting the permanence of negative behaviors during our one-on-one walks.
This redirection isn’t nearly as effective in a group walking environment, simply because there are so many names and distractions for your walker to manage.

Do I need a private dog walking service?

Our customers reach out to us frequently after adopting a dog from a local rescue. When you adopt from a rescue, you’re really doing double duty: trying to change existing behavior which can be challenging due to trauma, and trying to teach dog new positive behaviors. We believe that exposing your dog to new environments in a controlled way can help accelerate your rehabilitation efforts.

Even if you’re not dealing with “extreme” challenges, frequent puppy walks can reduce unwanted bad dog behaviors. We often see under exercised dogs who’s owners simply can’t meet their activity requirements. This can often manifest unwanted behavior like excessive barking, excessive “zoomies” (dog running around like crazy in your house), or chewing unwanted objects.

With frequent private walks: it’s quite common that we see a reduction in this bad behavior at home.

Why do people hire a private dog walker?

Do your dogs run around the backyard and bark at the nearest squirrel? Or have they turned your apartment into their personal play-pen? This can be a sign of under-stimulation. Since dogs can’t talk to us, sometimes they will protest by being intentionally bad, just to get your attention!
We work with dogs who are under exercised, or dogs that require minor behavioral adjustments.


  • Curbside walk etiquette
  • Heeling around cars
  • Dog pulling on the leash


  • Focused walks & fetch
  • Long distance: 2-3 mph
  • Greenspace nature walks

Mental Health

Chel giving our 3 month old Australian Shepherd a taste of many hikes to come. This could be your dog in our pup-pack!

Why Choose Us

Trusted & Compassionate professionals

With medical backgrounds in oncology, we’re the accountable and caring dog walkers you’ve been waiting for.

Our unique approach to pet care puts your pets needs first, resulting in tailored activities and undivided attention towards them.

Eamon training a Siberian Husky how to heel (this dog can now trail run at his side at 2.5 miles per hour!)

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