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Dog owners know the importance of picking up after their pets, and using biodegradable poop bags can help reduce the environmental impact of dog waste in landfills. Whether or not you feel like it’s your individual responsibility to save the planet: biodegradable bags don’t cost an arm and a leg, and they don’t have a downside because they’re thick enough to handle the toughest duty, no pun intended.

Our reviews are centered around a few facts: the best dog poop bag is the one that keeps all the poop in the bag and none on you! Our research showed that you’re not really paying more than 2-3 cents per bag, so we lean towards more heavy duty selection due to not wanting to break rule #1 of keeping ourselves clean. Dog feces can transmit giardia to humans, the cost of treating that would probably exceed some good dog poop bags, so please choose wisely (and wash your hands with antibacterial soap after pooping your dog).

In this article, we’ll compare some of the best biodegradable dog poop bags, rating them based on their pros, cons, and price.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I receive commission for the product links below. I’ve highlighted Earth Rated over other competitors on Amazon because we really like their bags, and I’m not receiving any additional sponsorships from them outside of the typical Amazon commission structure.

While I will state my preferred choice, I’ll be comparing multiple different brands and aggregating customer feedback to create an unbiased review.

Our Choice: Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

We love these bags because they’re been reliable after 6 months of walking dogs professionally. They don’t break or rip if you don’t pierce them on a pine needle or something, and they won’t burst easily when tied. They don’t smell after you tie them, so you can can store them in a larger garbage bag if you have a yard where your dog poops outside of dog walks without worrying about the smell.

I also use Earth Rated dog poo bags during dog walks & runs for my clients because they’re easy to store, and quick to pull from my dog treat pouch. I also don’t mind the scent of the bag, which doesn’t actually smell like lavender in my opinion (or anything other favorite scents!)

Pros: Earth Rated dog poop bags are eco-friendly and made of recycled materials. They come in different sizes and thickness, depending on the size of your dog and the amount of waste you need to pick up. The bags have a lavender scent that helps to mask the odor of the poop. They also have a long wristed bag option which allows for easy and cleaner handling of the waste. I noticed that when I used the smaller bags and maybe 1 out of 600 times if it’s a difficult location to grab or whatever circumstance: I will get a bit of dog poop on me.
If that’s too much dog poop on you too often: get the longer bag. I can confirm through extensive use over several months that the bags won’t easily tear or break unless you pierce them of course.

Cons: These bags cost around 5 cents each vs 3 cents each when compared to other low price Amazon competitors, this could be a challenge if you’re shopping on price and price alone, however I think that paying 2 cents more for a bag that does it’s job every time is important (especially as a dog walker). Another possible con is the scent of the bags, which may not be for everyone. I think this is a pro, because I don’t want to associate my favorite scents with dog poop! There is a scentless recommendation towards the end of our blog post. The scent of these bags doesn’t actually smell like lavender to me, which is great for people who still want to enjoy the scent of lavender! As a recycled product you should take effort not to pierce the bag on branches, as it’s not going to have the same tensile strength as non-biodegradable plastics.

Pogi’s Poop Bags

We haven’t used these bags yet, but they’re a top contender to Earth Rated just based on the Amount of 5 star Amazon reviews. They are a standout among highly rated no-name & large brands on Amazon based on their brand name (pogi means cute in Tagalog!), so I would guess that they’re a small business: which is always great to support when you can.

Pogi’s Poop Bags With Handles

If you’re looking for an easy way to tie a dog poop bag without the chance of getting poop on your hands: this is the bag for you.

Clean Grab Poop Bags

Never worry about getting poop on your hands while tying or carrying your already tied bag. Look, sometimes dogs get diarrhea and it’s still our civic responsibility to pick it up even if it’s gross. These bags make it easy to do that even if your dog often has loose stool.

The Budget Dog Poop Bag Option

No Name Amazon Compostable Dog Poop Bags
We wanted to include a cheap option, for your own comparison purposes! We haven’t used this brand of bag yet, so we can’t attest to it’s strength. These could be a good option if you’re sensitive to artificial smells that other dog poop bags have.

Pros: These no-name compostable dog poop bags are touted on Amazon as eco-friendly and made of biodegradable materials. They come in different sizes and thickness, depending on the size of your dog and the amount of waste you need to pick up. The bags are strong and durable and won’t easily tear or break. They are also unscented, making them suitable for users who prefer odorless bags. The scent also may not be for everyone.

Cons: Some users have reported that the bags are too thin for their liking.
Price: $14.44 for 390 bags

Our Choice: Earth Rated dog poop bags.

We use Earth Rated bags for daily walks, as they fit perfectly and pull easily from my dog walking pouch (don’t call it a fanny pack). You might prefer the long wristed option if you’re not a professional dog walker or trail runner.

Whatever option you choose: it’s important to find the most reliable dog poop bag’s with a scent that you enjoy, at a fair price. If we can do that while minimizing overall impact on the environment at 3-5 cents per bag: why not?

Bonus: Post Dog Walk Antiseptic

It’s important to remember that dogs are animals, and handling their feces is more than just gross: it’s a potential health risk, especially if you’re using cheap dog poop bags. Even the best dog poop bags will rip, so being prepared with a post dog walk hand wash that kills human borne pathogens and parasites in dogs feces like giardia is incredibly important. I believe the saying goes: a pump a day keeps the doctor, probably, away.

Hibiclens Antiseptic

I’ve been using Hibiclens antimicrobial since I started working as a Medical assistant in 2012.

It’s possible you’ve never heard of it, but it’s widely used in healthcare, and has many benefits for cleaning up after high risk activities. I also recommend this to anyone if they do contact sports, as it can prevent ringworm and other nasty stuff.

Hibiclens, which contains chlorhexidine gluconate, is primarily designed to target bacteria and viruses, and may have some effectiveness against certain types of parasites that cause skin infections or sepsis. However, both it and hand sanitizer may not be effective against other types of parasites that are commonly found in dog feces, such as roundworms or tapeworms.

Hibiclens vs Hand Sanitizer

Both Hibiclens and hand sanitizers are both effective in reducing the spread of germs and infections. Many people walking their dogs use hand sanitizer because of the sheer convenience, however, there are some benefits to using Hibiclens over hand sanitizer:

  1. Longer-lasting protection: Hibiclens can provide protection against bacteria and viruses for up to 24 hours, while hand sanitizers typically only provide protection for a few hours.
  2. More effective against certain types of germs: Hibiclens is particularly effective against certain types of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause infections that are resistant to antibiotics. Hand sanitizers may not be as effective against these types of germs.
  3. Gentle on skin: While both Hibiclens and hand sanitizers can be drying to the skin, Hibiclens is formulated to be gentle and non-irritating, making it a good option for people with sensitive skin.

Overall, while hand sanitizers are a convenient option for reducing the spread of germs, Hibiclens may offer some additional benefits when handling animal feces, particularly.

When it comes to dealing with parasites in dog feces, neither Hibiclens nor hand sanitizer are specifically designed to target parasites, and their effectiveness against parasites may vary depending on the type of parasite and the severity of the infection.

Hand sanitizer, which typically contains alcohol, is effective against many types of bacteria and viruses, but may be less effective against parasites due to their more complex cellular structures. Additionally, hand sanitizer may not be effective at removing fecal matter and other debris from hands, which can harbor parasite eggs and increase the risk of infection.

In general, the best way to deal with parasites in dog feces is to practice good hygiene habits, such as wearing gloves when handling feces, washing hands thoroughly with soap and water, and disposing of feces in a proper manner. It’s also important to seek veterinary care for dogs that may have parasites, as many parasites can cause serious health problems if left untreated.

Wait, I Need Gloves For Handling Dog Poop?

Some people do this. As a professional dog walker, I’m taking a personal risk by not gloving up before handling dog poop, but I’m also paid by the minute to run dogs: so tradeoffs must be made.

For everyday dog owners, some feel that handling poop doesn’t need to have added unnecessary risk.


$11.05 – $14.25 (size)

Eco Disposable Gloves

The Eco Disposable Gloves will keep an extra barrier between your hands and dog poop. The top consideration we made for suggesting these gloves was their environmental impact, since these types of gloves have been a serious landfill input. These gloves are compostable, so you won’t need to feel guilty about staying clean.

I spoke a bit above about how I run the 1 in ~600 chance of getting dog poop on me. Does that 1/600 chance revolt you?

If so, then you can consider disposable gloves an extra layer of

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